The 20% Off Absolutely Everything Sale Has Started

The end of the month Stories Rule Press 20% off Sale started this morning and goes through to midnight MDT on September 2nd. Absolutely everything available for sale on Stories Rule Press can be included. That includes books already on sale. And boxed sets -- even the whole-series boxed sets. And pre-orders, too. Plus, [...]

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Hi everyone: I had enormous fun writing Credible Threat, Season One. In this day and age of readers hating cliffhangers, I threw them in there willy-nilly and let the chips fall where they may. I was really conscious of trying to write it like a season of a television show, with the most tension coming [...]

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Check out the first episode of the new thriller season

Credible Threat Season One is released in two weeks' time.  That means it's time for, well, technically, the first chapter. However, there's 13 episodes all collected together in this one, including the extra-long last episode. And the first three episodes of the season are free on Stories Rule Press. So instead of clogging up in [...]

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20% Off Everything 4-Days-Only Sale has started

The Stories Rule Press monthly 20% off sale started this morning. The coupon code (below) is valid until midnight, August 2, MDT. It is only valid for the Stories Rule Press site ( You can use the coupon as often as you like until it expires. You can also pass the code along to [...]

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40% Off All Boxed Sets (Yes, everything!).  One Week Only

For one week only, Stories Rule Press is offering all boxed sets at 40% off. The deal starts today and ends at midnight MDT, Friday July 28th. The coupon is only valid for boxed sets purchased at Stories Rule Press, but you can use the coupon as many times as you want until the [...]

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Thriller Collection on Pre-Order

I have a policy of not putting out boxed sets, collections, etc., until the contents of the set have been available individually for at least a year. Can you believe that it's been a year since the Credible Threat serial went live? Yeah, me, neither.  Time flies when you're having fun.  It flies even faster [...]

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Monthly SRP Sale starts today — earn double your Reward Points

Today is the start of the four day SRP Monthly 20 This month's sale is a little different.  There's no discount on the books themselves, but instead, you earn double the reward points for each sale. The points can then be used to give yourself a discount at checkout.  If you have enough points, [...]

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The SRP Monthly 20% Off Sale Starts Today

Hey everyone: Today is the start of the four day SRP Monthly 20% Off Everything Sale. The coupon won't work on other retailers.  You can only use it on Stories Rule Press. That's 20% off every book and title on Stories Rule Press Includes every author on SRP. Includes boxed sets. Includes books already [...]

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Hiding My Evil Grin

Detective Sergeant Michael O’Halloran is quickly becoming one of my favorite characters to write and given all the positive responses I’ve gotten to Crime and Gummibears, you’re all enjoying him, as well. In The Games We Play, O’Halloran has to deal with a very tense hostage situation that triggers a memory of playing paintball with [...]

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The No-Nonsense Detective with a Heart

One of my favorite characters both in books and television is Hieronymus Bosch, Harry to his friends. I gobbled up all 24 books by Michael Connelly in order – beginning with The Black Echo and, although I hope it’s not THE end, ending with Desert Star. I really enjoy the no-nonsense detective with a heart [...]

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