The Most Important Nun With A Gun Story Of Them All

Happy Wednesday! Today is the release day of the third story in the Nun With A Gun series: Excommunication! According to Wikipedia: “In the canon law of the Catholic Church, excommunication, the principal and severest censure, is a medicinal, spiritual penalty that deprives the guilty Christian of all participation in the common blessings of [...]

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Excerpt from EXCOMMUNICATION — Nun with a Gun #3.

Happy Friday! I want to thank everyone who’s emailed me in the past couple of weeks, telling me how much they’ve enjoyed Feet of Clay and A Port in the Storm, the first two stories in the Nun With A Gun series. I am having a blast “spending time” with Alice and I’m thrilled [...]

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New stories to start September off with a bang!

I am a big fan of the television show, The West Wing. The writing is superb, as is the acting. When I was plotting out the Sister Jacobine stories, one scene from The West Wing lingered in my mind. There wasn’t much to the scene, really. Former Press Secretary, now Chief of Staff CJ Cregg, [...]

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Fresh(er) Veggies and A Nun With A Gun

Happy Monday!   I hope you’re all staying safe and healthy. We’re all good up here. We basically don’t leave the house except to go get groceries. One of the things we’re finding with having to disinfect all the groceries before we put them away, fresh fruit and vegetable are lasting way longer in the [...]

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One Of The Top Ten Moments of My Life

In North America, a big deal is made out of high school graduation.  Even more so now than when I graduated high school.  Sometimes limos and tuxedos are even rented.  The pomp and circumstance has reached incredible proportions.  And I get that.  Always important to celebrate a milestone in someone’s life. Having sat through the [...]

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Drum Roll, Please!

Introducing Stories Rule Press Inc. Stories Rule Press is an independent publishing company with nearly 150 titles currently available across all the major booksellers: Amazon, KOBO, Barnes & Noble, Apple Books, Google Play, Draft2Digital, and also available at our very own website, We currently feature four authors: Mark Posey writing thrillers, Tracy Cooper-Posey writing [...]

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