New Release: The Book of Jacobine

Alice's residence: The Apostolic Palace behind the Basilica of St. Peter's church in Vatican City ** This is a spoiler-free post. ** Nuns take three vows -- poverty, chastity, and obedience. The vow of poverty is supposed to free a nun from being fascinated by material things so that she may be [...]

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20% Off Sale on all Books on SRP, including mine — four days only

Stories Rule Press are running their monthly four day 20% off sale, starting today. It includes all the books currently available on the SRP site, including boxed sets, books already on discount, new releases and pre-orders…everything! You can buy as much or as little as you want, and you can use the coupon code [...]

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Sister Jacobine In The All-Together

Alice Fisher/Sister Jacobine has become one of my favorite characters to write/spend time with. In 2020, a writer friend of mine put out a call for submissions for an anthology he was putting together titled Nuns with Guns. That idea immediately intrigued me, and I started thinking about reasons a nun would pick up [...]

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20% off everything Sale is Now On

Time to grab some weekend reading! It's the SRP monthly 20% off sale.  The sale starts today, and ends at midnight MDT May 2nd. All books, stories, boxed sets, even those already discounted, are included in the sale.  You can re-use the coupon over and over, too--as long as it's on one of the [...]

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Five Promos to Start March off

The first of these ends in two weeks, folks.  FYI.  The last four are all month-long.  Have a browse -- there's some good stuff in these!   Check them out Here or click on the picture above! Check them out Here or click on the picture above! Check them out Here or click on the [...]

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50% off EVERYTHING for SRP’s Birthday Month! Four Days only.

There is a 50% of everything on Stories Rule Press sale running for four days only, starting today. This is our usual monthly sale, but with an extra kick, because nearly every author at Stories Rule Press has a birthday in February. Actually, it's even more intense than that, as long term readers will [...]

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