One of my favorite pictures from a Birthaversary a few years ago. All four of us worked at McDonald’s together when we were teenagers. From left to right: me, Cathy, Diane, and Kevin.

Happy Saturday!

This past Tuesday was being touted on social media as “Twosday” because it was 2/22/22. It was also the 25th Annual Birthaversary. If you’re unfamiliar with the Birthaversary, I wrote about it here.

It was a quiet day. There are still restrictions in place up here. The primary of which, in regards to the Birthaversary, is that you cannot have more than ten people to a private gathering. Ten just isn’t enough for the Birthaversary, so we decided to postpone it. There’s usually a good twenty to twenty-five people that show up. Our record is sixty-three!

That was an evening, let me tell you. We always tell our guests — if you can’t drive home, there are plenty of couches and spare beds. When we got up the morning after those sixty-three guests, there were bodies everywhere. On the couches, the spare beds, sprawled over armchairs. A few were even just sleeping where they fell. I and a few of those bodies were wrestling that afternoon at a show a couple hours drive away. It was a pretty subdued drive to the show and an even more subdued match on the show. Getting body slammed in the middle of a wrestling ring with a hangover is less fun than it looks.

Anyway, back to the present day — we decided to postpone the party. We may have it this summer, we may wait until 2/22/23. We haven’t decided yet. To some degree, we’ll have to see whether the restrictions ease off.

This year, we spent a quiet day together just watching movies. No writing. No editing. No work of any kind. It was a lovely day.

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