The Thomas Billing series

1: Saving Grace
2: Fall from Grace — Coming Soon!
3: Coup De Grace — Upcoming.

A Nun With A Gun series

Feet of Clay
A Port in the Storm
Requiem Mass
Den of Lions
The Narrow Gate
The Book of Jacobine
Omnibus Edition

O’Halloran series

Crime And Gummibears
The Games We Play

Credible Threat Serial series

Brush Contact Episode 1
Alias Episode 2
Compromised Episode 3
Sleeper Episode 4
Safehouse Alpha Episode 5
Dissemination Episode 6
Tradecraft Episode 7
Burned Episode 8
Safehouse Beta Episode 9
Blowback Episode 10
Naked Episode 11
Blown Episode 12
Exfiltration Episode 13

Credible Threat Season One
Season One Boxed Set

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