World’s Greatest Grown-Up’s Goodie Bag

Happy Saturday,

A couple of Saturdays ago, I asked for your suggestions for what to put in a goodie bag for a grown-up’s goodie bag. And, you obliged, in spades! Although, believe me, this might be the most expensive goodie bag in the history of goodie bags. But, it would make the party and the after-party a ton of fun.

So, here we go. Our goodie bag would contain:

  • a couple of those mini-bar-sized bottles of tequila
  • a lime and little packets of salt
  • some sweet treats
  • pencil or pen with birthdate on it
  • little erasers
  • a little note pad
  • a keyring
  • etched shot glasses with names and dates
  • cool looking bottle openers that match the party theme
  • goofy glasses instead of hats
  • a kazoo
  • fridge magnets with funny sayings about being/not being old
  • candy cigarettes
  • a piece of Double Bubble
  • a set of Jacks
  • a small package of chocolates
  • glow in the dark condoms
  • a two-pack of ibuprofen

Man, that would be a fun party! And the ibuprofen would take care of the hangover.

My thanks to everyone who emailed in suggestions! I love hearing from you all.

Have a great weekend!

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