World’s Greatest Grown-Up’s Goodie Bag

Happy Saturday, A couple of Saturdays ago, I asked for your suggestions for what to put in a goodie bag for a grown-up's goodie bag. And, you obliged, in spades! Although, believe me, this might be the most expensive goodie bag in the history of goodie bags. But, it would make the party and the [...]

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Happy Birthday, Catherine O’Hara!

Eugene Levy and Catherine O'Hara during their Schitt's Creek days. Happy Saturday! When I woke up this morning and hopped on Twitter, I discovered it's Catherine O'Hara's birthday today. Then, when I jumped on the IMDB, I found that, actually, her birthday was yesterday (March 4th). It's entirely possible I have different memories [...]

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One of my favorite pictures from a Birthaversary a few years ago. All four of us worked at McDonald's together when we were teenagers. From left to right: me, Cathy, Diane, and Kevin. Happy Saturday! This past Tuesday was being touted on social media as "Twosday" because it was 2/22/22. It was also [...]

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Did You Know Diet Is An Acronym?

Happy Saturday! DIET stands for "Did I Eat That?" Congratulations to Paul, Sandy, Dina, Sherrie, and Bill for guessing correctly last weekend that Tracy and I are the vegans. (The five of you should keep an eye on your inbox in a couple weeks. There may be a little something special show up. Shhhh...don't tell [...]

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