A Rose By Any Other Name

One Saturday morning about fifteen years ago, Tracy and I were sitting at the kitchen table having coffee. I don’t remember what we were talking about and, for the purposes of this tale, it doesn’t really matter. Suffice it to say — the house was quiet, all three kids were still asleep, and we were [...]

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Lord Of The Rings Almost Got Me Killed

It's become an annual tradition in our house to pick a day, usually during the Christmas holiday break, to watch all three Lord Of The Rings movies back-to-back. And not just the plain ol' theater release versions. The extra-long directors cuts. Eleven hours and twenty-two minutes from start to finish. A full two hours and [...]

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Christmas in July in August

Christmas in July was something that I was thinking about doing with these posts this year...and just never got there in July. <shrug> It's been one of those years -- so much to do, so little time. But I figure, this is my blog/email list/newsletter. I can post Christmas in July pretty much anytime I [...]

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The Mouse, The Scream, and The Jaws of Death

Pippin My wife, Tracy and I had three cats. Pippin (age 16), Merry (age 14*), and Strider (age 10).  *(Merry is no longer with us. I talked about that in this post.) I grew up with dogs and didn’t like cats even into adulthood. They always seemed aloof and uninteresting to me. Well, [...]

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One of the Top Ten Moments of My Life

In North America, a big deal is made out of high school graduation. Even more so now than when I graduated high school. Sometimes limos and tuxedos are even rented. The pomp and circumstance has reached incredible proportions. And I get that. Always important to celebrate a milestone in someone’s life. Having sat through the [...]

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The Bartender Likes It Bloody

Bucky McGraw and I greeting fans on our way to the ring for another Tag Team Title defense. In September of 2009, High Impact Wrestling Canada (HIW) changed venues in Regina, Saskatchewan. They went from the German Club to the Victoria Club and were doing a double-shot (two shows in a row) there [...]

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