Kobo Thanksgiving Sale, including SAVING GRACE

First up; if you're celebrating Thanksgiving today, I hope you and yours have a wonderful day.  Enjoy the turkey! If you shop at Kobo and you're in Canada, the USA, the UK, Australia or New Zealand, then you might want to pop over to Kobo and check out their Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale.  Look for [...]

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Best Girl

That was Merry to a tee! Happy Monday! Normally on Mondays, although I’ve missed a few weeks now, I put out an update on whatever I’m currently writing, when it might be out and that sort of thing. This week, something a little different. I wasn’t a cat person growing up. We had [...]

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Updates & News – Rewards and Gift Cards!

You’re getting this email because there’s a ton of housekeeping and important stuff that we thought you should know about.  “We” = the authors at Stories Rule Press.  We’re writing this post collectively – more about that in a minute, along with a host of goodies and other stuff you’ll like.    How We’re All [...]

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