Another B52 tale

Happy Saturday! I hope your 2022 is going well. Part of last week’s post, I spoke about my time as a bartender and the two customers with their B-52s, and it reminded me of another experience that included B-52s. My friend, Kevin’s eighteenth birthday. Kevin actually turned eighteen some four months before I did —

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One year later…

Yesterday at breakfast, my wife, Tracy, turned to me and said, “It’s December 10th. It’s been a year since Merry left us.” I had been thinking about that just a few days before but, in all the everydayness that we have around here, it slipped my mind. I immediately felt a twinge of guilt. How

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The Darndest Things

Remember Art Linkletter? I sure do. I was having a wander through the internet this week and tripped over a little bit of trivia. Art Linkletter, probably best known for the creation of the television show Kids Say The Darndest Things, was born in Moose Jaw. (If you remember, I was talking about Moose Jaw

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All The Spice!

Back in my wrestling days, I toured all over Western Canada — our circuit ranged from as far west (and south) as Vancouver, as far east as Winnipeg, and as far north as Fort McMurray. We put on a lot of miles, probably close to 100,000 every year. And, of course, when you’re on the

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Crime and Gummibears

One of the questions that every writers gets is, “Where do you get your ideas?” The best answer I’ve heard so far was from Robert Heinlein, who answered that he subscribed to the Schenectady Creative Writer’s Idea Club and once a month, they sent him ideas in the mail. Although, I suppose these days, that’d

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Thirteen Sounds

It has been a crazy-busy week here. Now that we’re into October, in addition to all of the other stuff that we do — writing, editing, and etc. — we’ve added in planning for next year. We have some seriously cool stuff moving to the front burner next year — new series, sequels, serials, and

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The Mallard Malady

I have a pretty good memory. At least, I think I do. I suppose I’ll never know for sure since, if I’ve forgotten something, I wouldn’t actually be aware that I don’t remember it. But, other people have expressed surprise at the things that I remember. I remember the names of guys I used to

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