What A Week!

Happy Saturday!

This has been the craziest week I’ve had in a long time! First and foremost, I’ve been writing my butt off. I finished the full first draft of a thriller serial. I finally got my new glasses, so I can see the screen crystal clear again. I’ve just put eight books into my editing queue (three of them are my wife’s). And this morning, I was on the verge of completing the sequel to Crime and Gummibears. Then I looked up and went, “Oh crap! It’s Saturday! I’ve gotta write a blog post!”

So, I went and had a shower. Cleared my mind to figure out what I was going to post about today.

Monday is Valentine’s Day and although we don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day–our birthdays and our wedding anniversary are only eight days later and that’s always a big celebration–we now have something else to celebrate in February.

Valentine’s Day 2020 is the day I got laid off from my day job because of the pandemic, the lockdown, and the accompanying drop in the housing market.

As many of you know, my wife is the “real” author. She currently has 168 books out (including box sets). Our plan was always to get the writing income up to the point where I didn’t need a day job. With the layoff and the big severance check I got, on Valentine’s Day 2020, we just decided to go for it.

Two years later, we’re still here, thanks in large part to all of you!

Have a great weekend! And, oh yeah, Happy Valentine’s Day!

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