Thirteen Sounds

It has been a crazy-busy week here. Now that we’re into October, in addition to all of the other stuff that we do — writing, editing, and etc. — we’ve added in planning for next year. We have some seriously cool stuff moving to the front burner next year — new series, sequels, serials, and more.

I won’t say anything else here because, as many of you know from our email conversations, I prefer to keep the Saturday afternoon posts reserved just for casual, fun stuff. No business, no sales pitches. Just fun.

It definitely has been fun for me. I hope it has been for you, too.

All of that means I’ve had to scramble to put something together for this post because, of course, I’m short on time. A lot of the idea of these Saturday afternoon posts is a kind of “get to know me” theme, so as a way to remain within that theme, here are, in no particular order, thirteen of my favorite sounds.


1.  Mark Knopfler’s guitar solo in Sultans of Swing. The man is just an amazing guitar player. It’s like the guitar is just an extension of himself. He’s SO comfortable with it.

2.  The purring of a cat. Very often, on the weekends, I will curl up and have a snooze after lunch. Merry, our calico, would come and curl up with me, squirming her way around so my hand ends up on her belly. A few scratches later and she’d be purring contentedly. There’s no better way to snooze. (If you haven’t read Merry’s story, you can find it here: Best Girl.)

3.  The theme of “West Wing”. W.G. “Snuffy” Walden is a great composer. This is such a majestic piece. Love it.

4.  The first frogs of spring. That croaking always reminded me that summer was on its way. Even once summer got here, it was a soothing, almost bedtime, mellow out sound. (Just make sure no chickens hear it — see Froggie Apocalypse.)

5.  Michael J. Fox plays Johnny B. Goode in Back to the Future. Fox did not actually play the song for that scene but he did learn to play it later.

6.  The delighted laughter of a young child. Great sound. Love hearing it. Kate (my daughter) had a particularly infectious laugh as a little girl. I used to do all kinds of things to provoke it.

7.  The theme to Jurassic Park. John Williams is amazing. Jurassic Park, Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Harry Potter, and Jaws to name a few. That’s quite a resume!

8.  The post-orgasmic giggle. Every woman’s got one. A sound I love hearing.

9.  Morgan Freeman narrating…anything really, but especially The Shawshank Redemption. He has such an amazing voice.

10.  “Space.  The Final Frontier.” as spoken by William Shatner. Always been an original series kinda guy.

11.  The Crank ringtone. Always freaks people out.

12.  The absolute silence that seems to accompany a snowfall. Not a storm. One of those slow, lazy, flakes-drifting-down, just-below-zero snowfalls. I think there’s silence to remind you to look at the beauty. Regardless, it’s always peaceful and still.

13.  “I love you.” Greatest sound of all.

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