Good News for Fans of Thomas Billings

Happy Monday! Book Two in the Thomas Billings thriller series is underway! The First Daughter, Grace Worthington is traveling with her mother to go and meet Queen Elizabeth in Buckingham Palace. Thomas has become number one on the Establishment’s hit-list. Everywhere he goes, he has to watch over his shoulder. When Thomas discovers an Establishment [...]

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Fresh(er) Veggies and A Nun With A Gun

Happy Monday!   I hope you’re all staying safe and healthy. We’re all good up here. We basically don’t leave the house except to go get groceries. One of the things we’re finding with having to disinfect all the groceries before we put them away, fresh fruit and vegetable are lasting way longer in the [...]

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And Away We Go…!

I’ve wanted to write fiction for as long as I can remember. I was a big reader when I was in grade school. All the Hardy Boys books had a big place on my bookshelf, and I was always ordering books from the Scholastic Book Club. Remember those order forms they always used to hand [...]

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