BookFunnel Promos

I participate in the occasional BookFunnel promo, which offers deals and freebies to readers of mysteries, thrillers and suspense stories.  The current promos are below.

Tip:  Check the dates at the front of the promo’s title.  If the start date is in the future, you won’t be able to access the page just yet.


Aug01-Aug31 Mystery Thriller & Suspense Series

Aug03-Sep03 August Mystery and Suspense Giveaway Promo

Aug15-Sep15 Summer Thriller & Adventure Giveaway

Aug15-Sep15 The Suspense is Killing Me!

Aug23-Sep17 Explosions, guns & bombs

Aug25-Sep23 Spark of Genius

Come back in early September, when I’ll have most of September’s promos listed. – MP