Writing update and a recommendation!

Happy Monday! Good news! The Narrow Gate is finished and probably, by the time you read this, will be available for pre-order. If not, it will be in the next day or two. That concludes the six-story mini-series on Sister Jacobine but, fans of the good Sister, don’t despair. A novel-length story that will pick [...]

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Good News and Even Better News

Happy Wednesday! The Good News: By the time you read this, I will have finished writing The Narrow Gate, Story 6 in A Nun With A Gun. I probably finished it just this past weekend. I had to do a bit of research for a scene at the end and that held me up a [...]

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Here We Are Again. Release Day!

Happy Tuesday! Of the first four stories in A Nun With A Gun, Requiem Mass is far and away my favorite. Mostly because it contains the most emotion of the four. Most people who know me would tell you that I’m a sloppy, sentimental kinda guy. It’s true. I love stories or movies or even [...]

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The Most Important Nun With A Gun Story Of Them All

Happy Wednesday! Today is the release day of the third story in the Nun With A Gun series: Excommunication! According to Wikipedia: “In the canon law of the Catholic Church, excommunication, the principal and severest censure, is a medicinal, spiritual penalty that deprives the guilty Christian of all participation in the common blessings of [...]

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