The Monthly 20% Off Everything Sale has Started

My publisher, Stories Rule Press, started their monthly 20% off Everything sale this morning. As usual, the discount applies to anything available on Stories Rule press, which includes boxed series sets, pre-orders, and books already on sale. You can use the coupon as often as you want before the expiry date, and pass it [...]

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Monthly SRP 20% Off Sale–On Everything!

It's the second last day of the month, which means it's time for our monthly 20% off sale at the Stories Rule Press site. As usual, absolutely every title on the site is discounted. That includes boxed sets, even the full series boxed sets, and all books that are already on sale, and also [...]

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It’s here! The 20% Off Sale on Absolutely Everything

It's two days before the month ends, which means it's the start of the Stories Rule Press monthly 20% off sale. The sale runs for 4 days each month -- the last two days and the first two days of the next month. The coupon code will apply to your total SRP basket.  You [...]

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End of Month/Start of Month 20% off Everything Sale

And we're back to our normal monthly sale, this month. From today, March 30th, through to the end of day April 2nd, you can get any book, any boxed set, any title available via Stories Rule Press, at 20% off. There are no restrictions.  Use the coupon as often as you want.  Share it [...]

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25th Anniversary…so you get 25% off. Everything.

You might already know that Tracy and I share the same birthday, February 22nd.  That date is also the day we met, and the day we got married (a year later). We started February off with a 22% off coupon for all subscribers. Today is the second-last day of the month, which is the [...]

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Cyber Monday SRP Sale — **40% Off Everything**

This month, as the start of the normal monthly Stories Rule Press sale starts on Cyber Monday, we're going with the flow and offering you a coupon for 40% off, instead of the usual 20% off. Copy this coupon code:  YMKCQJUS Then head over to Stories Rule Press to browse the available titles:  [...]

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20% Off Everything in the Store, 4 Days Only

Hiya all; The end of the month seems to come around more quickly, every single month. Today is the start of our SRP 4 day only, 20% off everything sale.  There are no exceptions. Pre-orders, boxed sets, books already discounted can all be included. You can shop as often as you want during the [...]

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20% Off Four Day Sale is Now On

Hiya all; This month's SRP 20% Off Everything Sale started this morning. If you're new to the list, here's a quick outline: You can get 20% off absolutely everything for sale at Stories Rule Press. That includes boxed sets, and books already discounted, and all pre-orders (there's a lot!) The sale lasts for four [...]

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August/September 20% Off Sale is now on

Hiya all; Time to stock up!  The SRP sale started this morning, ends on Thursday at midnight MDT, and includes absolutely everything in the store, including boxed sets, etc. Today's 20% off coupon code is: ZZ89MV67 The coupon is only for sales on the Stories Rule Press store, but it includes everything on the [...]

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SRP’s 20% off Sale Starts Today, ends Monday

Hiya all; It's sale time. I've got a lot of new readers of the blog and email list, and for you, this will be the first time you've heard of the sale. Every month, on the last two days of the month and the first two days of the next month, Stories Rule Press [...]

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