The 20% Off Absolutely Everything Sale Has Started

The end of the month Stories Rule Press 20% off Sale started this morning and goes through to midnight MDT on September 2nd. Absolutely everything available for sale on Stories Rule Press can be included. That includes books already on sale. And boxed sets -- even the whole-series boxed sets. And pre-orders, too. Plus, [...]

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20% Off Everything 4-Days-Only Sale has started

The Stories Rule Press monthly 20% off sale started this morning. The coupon code (below) is valid until midnight, August 2, MDT. It is only valid for the Stories Rule Press site ( You can use the coupon as often as you like until it expires. You can also pass the code along to [...]

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40% Off All Boxed Sets (Yes, everything!).  One Week Only

For one week only, Stories Rule Press is offering all boxed sets at 40% off. The deal starts today and ends at midnight MDT, Friday July 28th. The coupon is only valid for boxed sets purchased at Stories Rule Press, but you can use the coupon as many times as you want until the [...]

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Monthly SRP Sale starts today — earn double your Reward Points

Today is the start of the four day SRP Monthly 20 This month's sale is a little different.  There's no discount on the books themselves, but instead, you earn double the reward points for each sale. The points can then be used to give yourself a discount at checkout.  If you have enough points, [...]

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The SRP Monthly 20% Off Sale Starts Today

Hey everyone: Today is the start of the four day SRP Monthly 20% Off Everything Sale. The coupon won't work on other retailers.  You can only use it on Stories Rule Press. That's 20% off every book and title on Stories Rule Press Includes every author on SRP. Includes boxed sets. Includes books already [...]

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The Monthly SRP 20% Off Everything Sale has Started

The subject line says just about everything.  :) The monthly 20% off everything sale started this morning and runs until midnight MDT on April 2nd. To start browsing the catalogue of books, click here.  This will take you to the bookstore page, where you can browse, sort and filter to narrow down your selection. [...]

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20% Off Everything, 4 Days Only

And the monthly 20% off Everything sale at Stories Rule Press is back again. Here's the details: The sale runs for four days, starting today, and ending at midnight MST on March 2nd. The coupon (below) will discount whatever you put in the basket by 20%. You can use the coupon as often as [...]

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This Month’s 20% Off Sale has Started!

As usual, the Stories Rule Press sale runs for the last two days of the month + the first two days of the month, and gives you 20% off absolutely every story available in the bookstore, including already discounted books, boxed sets, pre-orders, the lot. The coupon will only work on Stories Rule Press. [...]

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This month’s 20% off Everything Sale has Started

As promised and hinted at in the last few days, the 20% off Everything sale is here. Here's this month's coupon code: C5EGXASW The coupon will discount everything in your shopping basket by 20% when you apply it to the promotion code window as you check out. The coupon will only work at the [...]

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