Hiding My Evil Grin

Detective Sergeant Michael O’Halloran is quickly becoming one of my favorite characters to write and given all the positive responses I’ve gotten to Crime and Gummibears, you’re all enjoying him, as well. In The Games We Play, O’Halloran has to deal with a very tense hostage situation that triggers a memory of playing paintball with [...]

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The No-Nonsense Detective with a Heart

One of my favorite characters both in books and television is Hieronymus Bosch, Harry to his friends. I gobbled up all 24 books by Michael Connelly in order – beginning with The Black Echo and, although I hope it’s not THE end, ending with Desert Star. I really enjoy the no-nonsense detective with a heart [...]

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I created a Kickstarter project!

I don't often talk about my "other" roles here on my site.  I'm just a thriller author, here.  But one of my other roles is that of editor in chief at our publishing company, Stories Rule Press. We've been doing a lot of brainstorming lately, about the state of the book industry and where we [...]

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Detective Sergeant O’Halloran Is Back!

Happy Thursday! I've been so busy with the launch of Credible Threat, I almost forgot to tell you about the second story starring Detective Sergeant O'Halloran: The Games We Play. Most of you have read Crime and Gummibears. (If you haven't, you can buy it here.) There was such a good response to O'Halloran in [...]

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One Week To Go!

Happy Monday! We're only one week away from the launch of Credible Threat, and it's been an extremely busy time here at Stories Rule Press HQ. Uploading, proofreading, formatting, and all that jazz. I want to thank everyone who's preordered episodes. You've made Credible Threat our most successful launch ever! I really appreciate it! I [...]

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Introducing: Credible Threat

Happy Monday! As promised last week, here's everything you need to know about my new series, Credible Threat, including the spectacular cover to the left. One family’s life is changed beyond anything they could ever imagine.  A major foreign power has been funneling key intelligence personnel into the United States for nearly a year, hiding [...]

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New Release: The Book of Jacobine

Alice's residence: The Apostolic Palace behind the Basilica of St. Peter's church in Vatican City ** This is a spoiler-free post. ** Nuns take three vows -- poverty, chastity, and obedience. The vow of poverty is supposed to free a nun from being fascinated by material things so that she may be [...]

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Sister Jacobine In The All-Together

Alice Fisher/Sister Jacobine has become one of my favorite characters to write/spend time with. In 2020, a writer friend of mine put out a call for submissions for an anthology he was putting together titled Nuns with Guns. That idea immediately intrigued me, and I started thinking about reasons a nun would pick up [...]

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Good News for Fans of Thomas Billings

Happy Monday! Book Two in the Thomas Billings thriller series is underway! The First Daughter, Grace Worthington is traveling with her mother to go and meet Queen Elizabeth in Buckingham Palace. Thomas has become number one on the Establishment’s hit-list. Everywhere he goes, he has to watch over his shoulder. When Thomas discovers an Establishment [...]

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