The No-Nonsense Detective with a Heart

One of my favorite characters both in books and television is Hieronymus Bosch, Harry to his friends. I gobbled up all 24 books by Michael Connelly in order – beginning with The Black Echo and, although I hope it’s not THE end, ending with Desert Star.

I really enjoy the no-nonsense detective with a heart – Harry Bosch, Andy Sipowicz from NYPD Blue, and even Mark Harmon’s Gibbs from NCIS. As a kid I devoured the Hardy Boys mysteries and couldn’t get enough of Starsky and Hutch.

When my friend and fellow writer, Blaze Ward, was putting together an anthology called Crime and…, Detective Sergeant Michael O’Halloran burst into my mind. He doesn’t take shit from Internal Affairs, nor does he put up with crap from the bad guys.

And on May 18th, you’ll be able to catch up with his second adventure in The Games We Play.

A desperate thief and a hostage…

When an armed robber forces his elderly woman hostage to drive him away from the scene of his crime, Detective Michael O’Halloran’s pursuit reminds him of other games he has been forced to play, games that ended as unhappily as this one might…

The Games We Play is a Michael O’Halloran suspense short story from Mark Posey.

This book is part of the O’Halloran suspense series:
1.0: Crime and Gummibears
2.0: The Games We Play

A suspenseful short story

The story is currently available for pre-order on Stories Rule Press.  For now, it will remain exclusive to Stories Rule Press.

Pre-order from me @ SRP!


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