Sweet Canadian Saturday

My wife is a sugar addict and adores hard candy, although I try my best not to eat it. But sometimes, you just hafta, you know?

I live in Edmonton and my daughter lives in Calgary. My daughter’s best friend, Sarah, taught herself how to make hard candy — she even traveled to Italy, to learn from the masters there. Have you ever seen candy being made? It’s fascinating! (There’s a video here that shows some hard candy being made — but this is not my daughter’s friend making it –it’s just a random video I found).

Sarah had the misfortune to open her own candy store (a lifetime dream) only a month before the Covid lockdown kicked in. But Sarah has hung in there and has converted most of her sales to on-line, instead.

I’ve had way too much of Sarah’s candy. My absolute favorite is the Apple Pie hard candy. Man, it is gooooooood.

Discount Code: CANDS10

Sarah has some wildly different flavors and styles. These are absolutely gourmet-standard artisanal candies. I would be hard pressed to pick a second favorite, but the watermelon rock tends to stick in my mind. She also does traditional flavors, like Humbugs. Plus marshmallows, gummies and sponge toffee and more.

Or you can get tailored candy with your name on it!

If you live in Canada, Sara can ship to you. Unfortunately, the FDA prevents her from shipping to the USA and international mail doesn’t make it worth shipping anywhere else.

But if you’re in Canada, you’re golden. Check out Sarah’s site here: Volio’s Confenctions.

And enjoy! (I know you will!)

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