The Establishment: the wealthy, elite power mongers who run the country from the shadows, with eyes and ears everywhere. They are spoken of only in whispers.

When the President-elect and the Vice-President-elect arrive in Rome to visit the Pope, CIA Station Chief Thomas Billings knows it’s not the only reason they’re in town. In the Presidential Suite of the swankiest hotel in Rome, Billings is confronted by Establishment heavyweight Marjorie McBain, who wants him dead.

As the President-elect refuses to bow to the demands of the Establishment, Billings fights being dragged into the power battle. Then the Establishment tries to kidnap the First Daughter…

A specialist in parkour and an expert marksman, Billings needs all his skills to keep the First Daughter out of the grasp of the Establishment as they flee across Italy. With the Establishment closing in, Billings must decipher which of the myriad connections to his past will be his Saving Grace.

This book is part of the Thomas Billing series of thrillers.

1. Saving Grace
2. Fall From Grace (Coming soon!)
3. Coup de Grace (Coming soon!)

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