Progress Monday

Happy Monday! Ready for another fun and productive week in the midst of the COVID19 pandemic?

Yeah, me neither. 😉

I am, however, ready to make a bunch more progress on the story I’m currently working on. Back in April, a friend of mine put out a call for stories for an anthology called Nuns With Guns. The concept kind of grabbed me and I put together a story and submitted it. As soon as I came up with the character of Alice Fisher, I knew exactly who she was. How she walked, talked, sat. Everything. And she’s intrigued me ever since.

That story, Feet of Clay, was published in the anthology. It’s about a nun, Alice Fisher, who has a huge secret, and she’s the Pope’s hitman. When members of the clergy get, how shall I say? Out of hand with altar boys (or something equally reprehensible), Alice is sent to take care of them.

If you’re curious and just have to read it now, click on the book cover. It’ll  take you to Amazon where you can get yourself a copy.

In the meantime, I’m currently working on the fifth Alice Fisher story and there’s a sixth one to do after that. I’m planning on starting to release them in September. Keep an eye out for them. You won’t be sorry you did.

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