One Week To Go!

Happy Monday!

We’re only one week away from the launch of Credible Threat, and it’s been an extremely busy time here at Stories Rule Press HQ. Uploading, proofreading, formatting, and all that jazz.

I want to thank everyone who’s preordered episodes. You’ve made Credible Threat our most successful launch ever! I really appreciate it! I worked really hard to make sure it was a series that y’all would enjoy and I’m sure you’re going to love it.

A special thank you goes out to everyone who preordered through the Stories Rule Press site. Cutting out the middle-men helps us out a whole lot and we all really appreciate it! Getting your fix two weeks early is good for you, too.

As an extra-special thank you to five of you, I’m going to give away five (5) signed copies of the Credible Threat Season One Box Set when it comes out in print around the end of November. All you have to do is order or preorder all thirteen episodes from the Stories Rule Press site by July 25 (the release date of Episode 13 on the Stories Rule Press site) and you’re entered for a chance to win.

Click here to preorder your episodes.

And just because I can’t resist, here’s a sneak peek at a small portion of Credible Threat.



All of them jerked and spun toward the stairs. Alexis stood there holding a sheet of paper. 

Marie smiled and moved toward her. “What did you draw, sweetheart?” 

Alexis glanced down at the paper. “It’s going to be a dragon.” 

Marie peered at the picture. “It’s very well done, Lexi. That’s exactly what a dragon looks like.” 

Alexis seemed a little impatient. “Thanks, Mom. I came down to ask a question.” 

Aaron stepped forward. “What’s up?” 

Alexis furrowed her brow. “Who’s on the roof?” 

“What?” Aaron and Marie both asked. 

“I heard footsteps over my head.” 

It was like someone threw a switch. All four of them jumped into action at the same instant. 

“Stay here,” Aaron said to Lexi as he sprinted up the stairs, two at a time, and dashed down the hall to the room Tyler was playing video games in. “Ty, downstairs, now!” he hissed. 

Tyler’s eyes never left the screen. “In a minute, dad. I just gotta kill this boss.” 

“Now,” Aaron growled and grabbed Tyler by the arm, physically hauling him out of the room. 

“What the hell, dad!?” 

“Quiet. Let’s go.” Aaron glanced up at the ceiling as he guided Tyler in front of him down the hall and down the stairs. Marie waited at the bottom with the two T91s. Cradling Emma, Ma stood with Pa and Lexi, whose eyes brimmed with tears. 

Aaron guided Tyler toward Ma and Pa. 

Pa caught Aaron’s gaze and held up a shotgun. “We’ll take them into the tunnel. They’ll be safe.” 

Aaron nodded. “I’m counting on it.”  

He turned toward Marie, who handed him one of the T91s and together they turned toward the front door just in time to see four paratroopers, dressed in the same black gear the team that assaulted their house had worn, drifting toward the ground in the front yard. 

“Oh, holy fuck!” Aaron racked the slide on his T91. 


Have a great week and I’ll see you on launch day!

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