MCU Weekend!

It’s the weekend! Although, as we all shelter in place and one day blurs into the next, the thrill of getting to Friday morning means less and less. On the other hand, getting to Sunday is no longer as much of a belly-drop as it used to be either. I guess we gotta take the good with the bad, huh?

Aside from our usual Saturday and Sunday activities–around here, that mostly means writing a whole bunch– the past couple of weekends, we’ve been working our way through all 24 MCU movies. Back to what I was saying earlier in the week about binge watching–being able to watch all 24 one after another, after another, you can see the whole Thanos story building and building. Even before he makes an actual appearance.

We found a website that lists three different ways to watch it all. In release order, in chronological order,and in “spaghetti” order–dictated by the post-credit scenes. The site is here and you can see for yourself. Maybe you’ll even watch them all yourself. I mean, what the hell? We’ve certainly got the time, these days.

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