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As promised last week, here’s everything you need to know about my new series, Credible Threat, including the spectacular cover to the left.

One family’s life is changed beyond anything they could ever imagine. 

A major foreign power has been funneling key intelligence personnel into the United States for nearly a year, hiding them as embassy and consulate staffers, students, and plain immigrants. In response, the FBI activates its Domestic Sleeper program.
Scattered across the country as architects, cab drivers, and other innocuous roles, failsafe agents in the Domestic Sleeper program are unaware of their status as dormant FBI agents until they’re triggered by a post-hypnotic codeword. Their programming drives them to a pre-arranged checkpoint to receive the instructions necessary to combat a Credible Threat.



Xavier’s gut always tightened when that phone went off. Only six people in the country had the number to the phone in the wooden faux humidor on the corner of the credenza behind his desk. If one of them saw fit to call, it could only mean one thing: trouble. More than trouble, a dire threat to the very existence of the country and their way of life. 

The phone had been hard-wired into the grid. Power outages wouldn’t affect it. Nor would cutting the phone lines. Not even a massive EMP would shut it down. But, if that happened, the country, and Washington, DC, were facing much bigger problems than any those six people could possibly be reporting and that boggled his mind. While he knew that there had not been any sort of EMP, it didn’t make him any happier to hear the buzz. 

The phone had been designed only to buzz. Being contained in what was basically a locked, wooden Faraday cage amplified the buzz within the confines of his office, but no one would hear it even standing just outside the door. 

He slipped the required key fob from his waistcoat pocket and thumbed the unlock button. He even heard the thunk of the release over the buzz, just before the lid lifted itself open. 

He took a deep breath and snatched up the receiver. Although it still made him feel ridiculous, he answered with the proper codename. “Sandman.” 

For a moment, there was silence on the other end of the line. Then, the words that he’d dreaded hearing for the past twenty-four hours. “Confirmed, Sandman. We have a credible threat.” 

He didn’t know how far he’d have to go or what the ultimate cost would end up being before this was all over. For the moment, he only knew one thing: it was time to activate one of their failsafe agents. 

Release Schedule

Each episode of Credible Threat will be available on the Stories Rule Press site a full two weeks before it’s available on any of the booksellers. If you’re eager to get your fix of Credible Threat for the week, that’s the best place to go.

May 2: Episode One: Brush Contact (May 16 on all the major booksellers)
May 9: Episode Two: Alias (May 23 on all the major booksellers)
May 16: Episode Three: Compromised (May 30 on all the major booksellers)
May 23: Episode Four: Sleeper (June 6 on all the major booksellers)
May 30: Episode Five: Safehouse Alpha (June 13 on all the major booksellers)
June 6: Episode Six: Dissemination (June 20 on all the major booksellers)
June 13: Episode Seven: Tradecraft (June 27 on all the major booksellers)
June 20: Episode Eight: Burned (July 4 on all the major booksellers)
June 27: Episode Nine: Safehouse Beta (July 11 on all the major booksellers)
July 4: Episode Ten: Blowback (July 18 on all the major booksellers)
July 11: Episode Eleven: Naked (July 25 on all the major booksellers)
July 18: Episode Twelve: Blown (August 1 on all the major booksellers)
July 25: Episode Thirteen: Exfiltration (August 8 on all the major booksellers)

The first three episodes are all available for preorder on all the booksellers now. As an added bonus, the first three episodes are supposed to be completely free. Unfortunately, none of the booksellers will let me price a preorder for free. I will have to change it on release day. If you really have to preorder them, the only place to get them for free is the Stories Rule Press website.

Click here to preorder your episodes.

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