Detective Sergeant Michael O’Halloran is quickly becoming one of my favorite characters to write and given all the positive responses I’ve gotten to Crime and Gummibears, you’re all enjoying him, as well.

In The Games We Play, O’Halloran has to deal with a very tense hostage situation that triggers a memory of playing paintball with his friends while he was in college.

As I mentioned in a previous post, I’m enjoying O’Halloran and his adventures enough to contemplate writing a full-length novel. Although with the amount that even his, so far, limited adventures have kicked him in the guts — including The Games We Play — how devastating could a full-length story be to his psyche?

I’ll have to see what I can come up with while I hide my evil grin behind the screen.

In the meantime, please enjoy The Games We Play. It was fun to write and it only bodes well for more stories to come.

A desperate thief and a hostage…

When an armed robber forces his elderly woman hostage to drive him away from the scene of his crime, Detective Michael O’Halloran’s pursuit reminds him of other games he has been forced to play, games that ended as unhappily as this one might…

The Games We Play is a Michael O’Halloran suspense short story from Mark Posey.

This book is part of the O’Halloran suspense series:
1.0: Crime and Gummibears
2.0: The Games We Play

A suspenseful short story

The story is currently available for pre-order on Stories Rule Press.  For now, it will remain exclusive to Stories Rule Press.

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