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Of the first four stories in A Nun With A Gun, Requiem Mass is far and away my favorite. Mostly because it contains the most emotion of the four.

Most people who know me would tell you that I’m a sloppy, sentimental kinda guy. It’s true. I love stories or movies or even television shows that can make me cry. And believe me, I do it every time I watch them, not just the first time. So, I guess it’s hardly a surprise that I’d lean heavily towards writing those kinds of stories.

One that always does me in is the episode of M*A*S*H called “Period of Adjustment”. B.J. gets a letter from his wife where she tells him about his daughter mistakenly calling Radar “Daddy” when they picked him up at the airport. If you know the episode, I suspect you’ll know why that episode always brings me to tears.

Bridges of Madison County does it to me, too. When Francesca is pulling on the passenger side door handle. Every time.

Now, I don’t think Requiem Mass will make you blubber like a baby. But, I suspect, I hope, it will at least bring a tear to your eye.

The man who ordered her death lands in her lap…

The Cardinal Secretary of State, Giovanni Buscaglia, arrives in Philadelphia, his four henchmen by his side. Sister Jacobine shows up at his hotel to put an end to his attempted grab for power within the church. She never imagined that the consequences of her actions would rip her heart in two.

A Nun With A Gun is a series of short stories and novelettes about Sister Jacobine, the Pope’s hitwoman. They are best read in order.

1.0 Feet of Clay
2.0 A Port in the Storm
3.0 Excommunication
4.0 Requiem Mass
5.0 Den of Lions
6.0 The Narrow Gate

Thriller Short Story



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