Detective Sergeant O’Halloran Is Back!

Happy Thursday!

I’ve been so busy with the launch of Credible Threat, I almost forgot to tell you about the second story starring Detective Sergeant O’Halloran: The Games We Play. Most of you have read Crime and Gummibears. (If you haven’t, you can buy it here.)

There was such a good response to O’Halloran in that story, I’m pleased to announce that he’s appearing again in the much ballyhooed Thriller Digest 2022: Hunted, along with stories from some of today’s premiere thriller authors: Tracy Cooper-Posey. Stephanie Mylchreest. Lauryn Christopher. And M.L. Buchman. Hard line-up to beat.

In The Games We Play, O’Halloran chases down an armed robber who’s taken a hostage in order to escape. He finally corners the robber in an under-construction new home development. In the end, it’s an experience that will stick with the Detective Sergeant for the rest of his life.

If you didn’t preorder Thriller Digest 2022: Hunted, it’s officially out today and you can buy it from all the major booksellers and, of course, from the Stories Rule Press site.

Thank you to all of you who preordered, and to all of you who will be buying it in the very near future. All of us at Stories Rule Press, and all of the authors in Thriller Digest 2022: Hunted appreciate your support.

Enjoy your reading!

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