Hi everyone:

I had enormous fun writing Credible Threat, Season One.

In this day and age of readers hating cliffhangers, I threw them in there willy-nilly and let the chips fall where they may.

I was really conscious of trying to write it like a season of a television show, with the most tension coming right at the end of each episode, to be resolved at the beginning of next episode.

Now, with the release of the entire first season all in one volume, just like a television series, you can binge the episodes one right after another.

Meanwhile, I’ll be working on Season Two with the goal of releasing Episode One early in the new year. In the meantime, enjoy the full Season One and thanks for reading!

One family’s life is changed beyond anything they could ever imagine.

A major foreign power has been funnelling key intelligence personnel into the United States for nearly a year, hiding them as embassy and consulate staffers, students, and plain immigrants. In response, the FBI activates its Domestic Sleeper program.

Scattered across the country as architects, cab drivers, and other innocuous roles, failsafe agents in the Domestic Sleeper program are unaware of their status as dormant FBI agents until they’re triggered by a post-hypnotic codeword. Their programming drives them to a pre-arranged checkpoint to receive the instructions necessary to combat a Credible Threat.

All thirteen episodes of the first season of Credible Threat, including the explosive double length finale.


Other episodes in the Credible Threat series:

Episode One: Brush Contact
Episode Two: Alias
Episode Three: Compromised
Episode Four: Sleeper
Episode Five: Safehouse Alpha
Episode Six: Dissemination
Episode Seven: Tradecraft
Episode Eight: Burned
Episode Nine: Safehouse Beta
Episode Ten: Blowback
Episode Eleven: Naked
Episode Twelve: Blown
Episode Thirteen: Exfiltration
Entire Season Boxed Set: Credible Threat Season One

A Thriller Serial Episode


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