And That’s A Wrap!

Happy Tuesday!

With the release of The Narrow Gate, A Nun With A Gun Story #6, today, that brings to an end the series of six short stories and begins the next step in the Alice Fisher saga: full length novels.

The one thing I’ve heard from almost every one of you, aside from how much you love the Sister Jacobine stories, is that you wish they were longer. Not that I mean to sound like a genie or anything but, your wish is my command. Just this past weekend, I started work on the first Sister Jacobine novel.

It is, as yet, untitled and I’m curious: what should the title be? After you’ve read The Narrow Gate, shoot me an email with your ideas for the title of the new book. If I pick yours, I’ll write you into the story as one of the characters that Alice interacts with along the way! You might get killed by Alice or the two of you might be good buddies.

Send your title ideas to before November 30, 2020.

In the meantime, enjoy The Narrow Gate!


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