Happy Tuesday!

Den of Lions, the fifth book in A Nun With A Gun, is released today.

Alice Fisher has quickly become my favorite character to write and, in fact, one of my favorite scenes is in this book. I won’t spoil it for you. Suffice to say, it’s a very emotional scene for Alice and for the other person in the scene with her. One of the benefits of her very long life.

In two weeks, The Narrow Gate, book six in the series, will be out and, after that, put a note on your calendar, book seven, a full-length Alice Fisher novel, will be out January 21, 2021. I haven’t written it yet. Nor have I come up with even a title, but after you read The Narrow Gate, you’ll know what it’s about. Watch the blog for news of its progress.

In the meantime, enjoy reading Den of Lions!

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